19 October 2014

Dish'd: Frozen Gourmet Food Delivered - Review

I have not felt very inspired on the cooking front lately, and trying Dish'd delivered meals last week was a little bit of a relief knowing I wouldn't have to cook for a few days. 
Dish'd is a new company in Sydney and in Melbourne that offers gourmet frozen meals inspired by many countries (including France) delivered straight to your door! 

I tried a few of Dish'd dishes as you can see on the photo of my order below. Overall I am impressed with the range of meals on offer and the quality of the dishes. From my order, I especially enjoyed the Basil & Pine Nut Medaglioni but the real highlight was definitely the Heritage Raspberry and Pistachio Frangipane Tart - it was to die for! Jacques Reymond, one of Australia's most experienced and highly regarded chefs, was brought on board to work together with chefs around the world to create some of the delicious dishes. A lot of the dishes are actually made in their country of origin, so the pasta comes from Italy, the pad thai comes from Thailand and the French desserts from France. 

Dish'd Delivery 

15 October 2014

Mum's Spanish Paella: Our Family Dish

Spanish food is probably what we ate most often at home after French food. That is because Dad is Spanish and my Spanish grand-mother taught Spanish cuisine to Mum. 

I don't have a lot of experience cooking Spanish food myself, but I had a go at Tortilla de Patatas last year. Mum also taught me how to make Spanish Churros last time I went to France but I haven't yet made them myself (I don't have a deep fryer). I have also made a Chorizo Butter Beans Casserole (I'm not sure how Spanish that is though).

I bought a Paella pan when I went to France last year but I have been procrastinating on using it. I was waiting for a special occasion. But of course after 12 months of ongoing home renovation, there was never a special occasion. 

I have seen Mum and Nan make paella hundreds of time, at every celebration (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) and today it's my turn to give our family dish a go! 

12 October 2014

Bread is Not Your Enemy

One thing I have in common with many of my Aussie counterparts is my love for breadI eat bread several times a week, for lunch and/or dinner. What I like about bread in Australia is the variety. As much as I love French baguettes, I appreciate the countless options available here. 

I'm especially drawn towards healthy bread options as research has shown eating more wholegrain foods (including wholegrain breadis linked to better heart health, better digestive health and a greater ability to manage blood glucose and cholesterol. 

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