23 July 2014

French Etiquette: Cutting The Cheese

touched on French dining etiquette before but realised I forgot to mention an important topic (which seems to be unknown to many of the Australian and International friends I have met over the years) - Yes, for us French people, there is a 'right' way to cut the cheese. if you don’t know how to “couper le fromage” in France, you could make a big faux-pas! Cutting le fromage is not an easy task and is highly dependent on the shape of the cheese. 

20 July 2014

DYI Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms have to be the easiest, cheapest and most effective decoration for a party. I am not crafty but making these little beauties is really simple! 
Making paper pom poms is a fantastic activity for kids and the pom poms will bring colour and fun to your home or party! 

14 July 2014

Turkish Vegetable Bake with Garlic Yoghurt

This delicious recipe comes from Hellofresh (I bought a 3 meal box recently). I really loved the aromatic flavour of this simple Turkish inspired vegetarian dish. The garlic yoghurt is punchy and balances the flavours of the cumin and dried coriander spices-mix. 

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