The Tall Lemongrass, Sydney

Upon landing in Australia back in 2009, I instantly noticed Thai cuisine is very popular here in Sydney. In France I’ve never had Thai food. My first Thai experience was in London (December 2016 to be exact). Since then, I travelled to Thailand (December 2008), and ate my way through all type of delicious Thai dishes, including some of the best street food I’ve ever had.

A couple of days ago I was privileged to visit The Tall Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant located in Crows Nest, Sydney, to celebrate their five year anniversary with a special dinner curated by Chef and Owner Wendy Khouphongsy.

Wendy opened The Tall Lemongrass, Sydney, in 2010 with a clear goal: represent Thai cuisine to Sydney-siders as a fusion of her heritage and an unique take on contemporary Thai street fare.

Wendy’s restaurants are most recognized for her trademarked Thai dishes – staple menu items that you simple cannot get anywhere else including her Yum Aubergine Stack, Duck plum sauce, Crispy pork caramel, Panang Osso bucco and best Pad Thai.


2015-03-25 18.34.32

Beautiful table setting, simple yet pretty

What did we have


  • Larb pedt on witlof: roasted duck, mint, coriander and chilli served on a witlof leaf. Be warned this is very spicy! The plating was elegant and I like the idea of bite sized servings for an entrée.
  • Meng Khumm: served in glass flutes, these are egg nets wrapped around one prawn and a mix of grounded peanut, fresh galangal, lime, sweet radish, ginger, a betel leaf (that was a first one for me) and red onion. This dish came with a side of tamarind sauce. I really enjoyed the fresh flavours and the unusual plating of this dish – very fancy and delicious!


2015-03-25 18.51.06

Larb Pedt on Witlof

2015-03-25 18.54.00

Meng Khumm


  • Yum Aubergine:  decorated with some tempura prawns, this dish reminded me of a ‘Mille-Feuille‘. Chicken mince, onion, mint, coriander and chilli was stacked between two layers of tempura eggplant.
  • Crispy Pork with Caramel Dressing: I usually don’t eat pork belly but let me tell you, I went back for seconds with this one! Crispy skin, lots of meat (not that much fat at all), this dish was well complimented by the sweet sauce it was served with.
  • Panang Beef Osso Bucco: Served with jasmine rice, this rich and creamy dish was perfectly balanced.
  • Pad Thai: wrapped in egg net parcels, this classic Thai dish came with a prawn on top, as well as grounded toasted peanuts and dried chilli flakes on the side. It was maybe a little bit too dry but I love the unique presentation.


2015-03-25 19.08.03

Yum Aubergine

2015-03-25 19.07.18

What I like about The Tall Lemon Grass

Seasonal menu

Classic Thai flavours

♥ Fabulous plating (Cigars, Pad Thai, Yum Aubergine, Meng Khumm)

Generous servings

Complimentary bowl of prawn crackers for all tables

Cosy venue with a romantic atmosphere

Friendly staff

Two locations in Sydney (North shore and CBD)


The Tall Lemongrass

136 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest NSW 2065

(02) 9966 0350 

Disclaimer: Mademoiselle Slimalicious dined as a guest of The Tall Lemongrass, Sydney


Have you been to The Tall Lemongrass, Sydney? What did you think?

What is your favourite Thai dish?


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