Uncorked, in North Sydney

I think by now most of you know I have very high expectations when eating out. And you also know that my favourite cuisine is French (how patriotic of me, I know!)

I have been to many French restaurants in Sydney, as well as to many restaurants with a French-influenced menu, but somehow I had missed one. Uncorked, in North Sydney is located just above The Union Hotel on the Pacific Highway. Mr Slim had been several times with his colleagues as he works just down the road but I’d never had the opportunity to dine there before.

We had the privilege to dine there last Friday. We started our meal with the Pear & Ricotta Cigars, Red Grapes, Roquefort & Walnut Tuille with Red Wine Honey Vinaigrette ($18). As soon as my plate arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the presentation. The colourful plate looked like a piece of fine art, nicely decorated with edible flowers, finely sliced radish and sweet red seedless grapes. The ‘cigars’ were filled with a mousse-like texture of ricotta. While the mousse lacked of flavour on its own, mixed with the other ingredients it was divine. I especially liked the crushed nuts which contrasted well with the texture of the mousse, and the blue cheese which added some ‘kick’ to the dish.

Mr Slim had the Oysters au Naturel ($18), six oysters simply served on ice with a wedge of lemon. Our host recommended to have the oysters with a Blanc de Blancs Bordeaux sparkling wine. At first, I was a little surprised by his recommendation, in France we would usually have oysters with white wine, but Mr Slimalicious loved the unusual pairing.


For main, we both opted for beef, medium rare. Mr Slim went for the Tasmanian Wilderness Beef” Eye Fillet 200 g with Mint, Green Olive and Black Radish Salad, Kumra Fondant and Wasabi Emulsion ($35). I couldn’t resist to order the Wagyu Steak  Both were perfectly salted and peppered, good enough to eat on their own. We also both had Coonoowara wine to accompany our main and were very happy with our choices! The meat as of superior quality and perfectly cooked.

For dessert, I had the Orange Mille Feuille, with Fois Gras and Macadamia Ice Cream ($16). I had never seen foie gras in a dessert before, I wasn’t sure what to expect as it is rather unusual. I questioned our host and he explained  the foie was very finely grated on top of the dessert. And it was. You couldn’t taste it but I liked the idea behind it, although I wonder how foie gras can be shaved given that the texture is rather soft and usually creamy/buttery. I guess they must have dry it first…mystery! The Mille-Feuille was a layer of puff pastry (a little overcooked in my opinion), and layers of orange custard and orange coulis. The dish was nicely decorated with crunchy freeze-dried mandarin and edible flowers to add to the wow effect. Our host recommended a sweet dessert wine with my dish, which I enjoyed very much. 

 Mr Slim is a chocolate lover, so indeed he opted for the Chocolate Terrine with Honey Comb, Milo Soil, Passion fruit Syrup and Frangelico Gel ($16). He generously let me try his dish and let me tell you: it was fantastic! The passion fruit syrup worked very well with the dark chocolate flavour and the milo ‘soil’ added crunchiness to the dish for a great mix of textures, flavours and colours. Our host’s recommendation of pairing the chocolate terrine with Sherry was again unusual but worked a charm with Mr Slim! He loved it!

What I loved about Uncorked, in North Sydney

Comfortable modern chic décor,  the white leather booths (with doors) offer great privacy for a very intimate atmosphere

Loved the French music in the background  

Service was excellent, especially with our host giving us matching wine recommendations

Fantastic mix of textures/flavours/colours in each dish, you can tell there is a real qualified chef behind it! 

Creativity and care in every dish

Extensive wine list of local and French wines

Large selection of French specialities, including Bouillabaisse (fish soup), Kir Royal (blueberry liquor and sparkling), beef cheeks etc.

 Uncorked’s menu changes every month so you won’t ever get bored! 

I would definitely return to Uncorked for another fantastic meal, especially given that they change their menu monthly. I highly recommend you go too if you have the opportunity! Incorporating seasonal ingredients and French influence, Head Chefs David Little and Ronny Ghantous have created a Modern Australian menu presenting fresh and robust flavours.

Have you been to Uncorked, in North Sydney? What did you think?

What is your favourite place to eat at on Sydney’s North Shore?


Disclaimer: Mademoiselle Slimalicious dined as a guest of Uncorked, in North Sydney. All words are my own based on my experience.


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