Reflection on the Past 10 Years

Here we go, yesterday I turned 30. While I haven’t managed to crossed off all 29 items on my 29 before 30 list, when I reflect back I realise I have a lot to be proud of but more importantly no regret to have. 

10 years ago, turning 20!
In France, August is a summer month.

The past 10 years achievements


  • Studying in Toulouse (2nd year) and enjoying my new independence
  • Travelling back to my home town every weekend to see my boyfriend
  • Learnt to play English pool and even won a few competitions
  • Obtained a Diploma in Marketing & Communication
  • Turned 20
  • Saying I never want to leave France
  • Admitted to a Bachelor program at Sup de Co in Montpellier
  • Bought my first laptop (kept it for 7 years)
  • Moved to Montpellier  


  • Studying in Montpellier
  • Flat-shared for the first time


  • Doing a 9 month internship/work placement as part of my degree
  • Dated a wanna be hippie & try to convert to it myself – failed
  • Took belly dancing lessons for a few months
  • Got a passport for the first time ever
  • 4 months expatriation in Casablanca, Morocco (alone) – best time ever!
  • Moved to a new flat in Montpelllier, on my own (no longer friend with the flatmate)
  • Stopped smoking (but still did social smoking)
  • Failed the TOEFL (English exam), 3 times
  • Got admitted to La Trobe University (remote Bachelor program)


  • Worked part-time in sales at France Telecom/Orange while studying
  • The slimmest I ever been
  • Almost got an internship in Laos, failed through at the last minute
  • Found a 6 month end of study internship in the UK instead
  • Left France for London (alone)
  • Had sushi for the first time ever
  • Met Mr Slimalicious
  • Had Thai food and sushi for the first time ever


  • First time ice-skating on real ice
  • First black tie party
  • Signed my first contract as a full-time employee, in London
  • Trip to Germany (Berlin)
  • Trip to Greece and the Greek Islands
  • Graduated from a Honours degree in Business Administration
  • Graduated from a Bachelor of Business from La Trobe University Australia
  • Trip to Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Trip to Croatia (Zagreb)
  • Trip to Italy (Venice)
  • Moved house in London – East Acton (still flat-sharing)
  • Bungee jumped (twice)
  • Trip to Wales
  • Trip to Norway (Oslo, Fjords)
  • Returned to Morocco for a short holiday (Marrakesh)
  • Trip to the Czech-Republic (Prague)
  • Christmas holiday in New-York (first time in the US)


  • Trip to Tunisia (Djerba) with my mum & sister
  • Trip to Egypt
  • Trip to Turkey
  • First time hot air ballooning
  • Trip to Sardinia (Cagliari)
  • Trip to Italy (Rome) 
  • Passed the IELTS (English exam)
  • Won a 10 day trip to Jordan
  • Resigned from my job in London
  • Left the UK 
  • Visited Cambodia & Thailand


  • Travelled around Australia
  • Trip to China (Beijing, Great Wall)
  • 7 months expatriation in Tokyo, Japan
  • Worked as a French language teacher
  • Survived a few strong earthquakes 
  • Became an auntie for the first time
  • First time whale watching
  • Moved to Sydney, Australia
  • Flat shared with students in Kensington
  • Found my first job in Australia within 3 weeks


  • Moved to a 1 bedroom unit in Waverton (no more flat sharing)
  • Temporary residency in Australia
  • Received a promotion at work and managed a team of 3
  • Moved to Mosman
  • My parents visited Australia
  • Trip to New-Zealand with my parents
  • Christmas in New Caledonia


  • Won the Expat of the Year Award
  • First time at High Tea
  • Trip to Abu Dhabi
  • Gave my resignation and found a new job within 2 weeks
  • Joined the gym for the first time ever
  • Started this blog!


  • Trip to Bali
  • Permanent Residency in Australia
  • Safari trip in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
  • Engagement party
  • Promoted to Project Manager  
  • Attended my first professional blogger conference
  • Trip to Fiji
  • Christmas in Bali with my parents


Voilà, I think most of it is in the list. 

What are your biggest achievements 
in the past 10 years?!

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