05 July 2013

So Much to Do, So Little Time!

I won't lie, the last couple of months have been totally hectic. Life at work went from pretty calm to incredibly busy from one day to the other and I live a little bit 'one day at the time' at the moment.  

Leopatra is now a 4 month old big kitten, keeping me on my toes! She is such an active Bengal cat and pretty vocal too! She likes to play (ALL THE TIME - it seems). She is beautiful and both Mr Slimalicious and I love having her in our life, she keeps us very busy, that's for sure (probably a good way to prepare us for having kids!).

I've started Weight Watchers at Work Program, about 5 weeks ago and I'm having good results so far: I lost 1.5 kilos and I feel A LOT better already. The program runs for 13 weeks and cost $214. I'm allowed to eat 26 ProPoints per day, I do not feel deprived at all. It is not a diet but more of a 'making the right choices' and balanced approached, which fits with my French lifestyle. I can basically eat whatever I want as long as I don't exceed my daily pro-points allowance. I use their online tools to track my food intake and I meet with the WW leader and the group once a week to share tips and challenges. My goal is to have lost 5% of my body weight by the time I go to France mid next month!

Oh yes, because my long awaited trip back home is coming up! It has been 2.5 years since I've seen my now 4  years old nephew. We are leaving Sydney on August 16th, only a few days after I turn 30. I'll share about my trip from there, it will be the middle of summer there and I can't wait for some warmth!

Oh and yes, I can't believe I'm turning 30 in 5 weeks, holy crap! This year has gone so fast and I still have a few items not yet crossed off on my listI'll be honest I have mixed feelings about turning 30. I don't feel 'ready' for it (ie: my 20s have gone too fast!), but at the same time when I reflect back on what I have achieved in the past decade I couldn't be happier and more proud of.

On another note, I gave up on writing for woman.com.au by lack of time, and I'm also struggling to grow my start up Europe in a Box because I don't have time to promote it and wouldn't be able to handle a larger amount of orders anyway. 

The reason I have been so busy is because I was offered a very good opportunity at work, which involves managing a large scale project (a team of 14 senior staff and a $1.6 million budget over 12 months). I had been waiting for such an opportunity/challenge for over 1 year since I was promoted from Project Coordinator to Project Manager and was fully ready to take it on when it came up. Now I have to give my best and deliver, simply because I know I can do it and I will! 
So far I've been loving it and hating it at the same time. I hate the stress that results of working long hours and having the pressure on but I love feeling that I've achieved something by the end of the week and that my team is making good progress and is on track. More importantly what I love much about it is how much I'm learning! The project I'm in charge of involves technologies I'm unfamiliar with but again I know I can do it.  

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I'm putting all I have into work now so I can have a relaxing holiday very soon. Same with the weight loss, being a good girl now so I won't have to worry so much once in France.  I've also started looking into wedding planning, we are only 1 year away now and I'll be honest I'm slightly starting to panic! I've only just scratched the surface and have no idea how I'll handle planning an overseas, bilingual, wedding. One step at the time, I guess. 
The next 6 months promise to be busy with also the home renovation work. We've painted two rooms and bough a few pieces of furniture. My dad will fly over in December to give us a hand with the kitchen reno and other bits and pieces. In the meantime the priority is to save money (for the house and the wedding!). 

Arrgh, I really do need a holiday!  

Are you crazy busy at the moment? 
When is your next holiday?

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