Australian Macadamias Food Blogger Challenge

Did you know it’s macadamia season? To celebrate, I was invited to attend a blogger cook-off organised by Australian Macadamias. It was a first one for me: I was a little out of my comfort zone but I had a great time and met some lovely people.
Macadamia Ambassadors Eamon Sullivan and Colin Fassnidge were in charge of the kitchen for the cooking demonstration. 

After the cooking demonstration, it was our turn to reproduce the recipes. On the menu were a creamy crab & macadamia soup and a crunchy macadamia granola. I’m a sweet tooth and indeed went for the granola recipe!

I teamed up with the lovely Christine from Cooking Cruisade for the challenge. Christine and I had been in touch via Twitter and Instagram for quite a while so it was nice to finally meet her in person. 

Christine from Cooking Cruisade & I with Eamon Sullivan
Me, taking the challenge very seriously

While our team didn’t win the challenge (the competition was tough!) we had a fun time cooking with macadamias! We learnt a few tricks along the way and met some lovely people. 

Macadamia tips

  1. When buying macadamias, look for ones that are plump, crunchy and light-coloured
  2. Once opened, keep macadamias in an airtight container, refrigerate
  3. Return to room temperature before eating
  4. Use within two months

What is your favourite nut?

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