22 March 2013

Shannan Ponton's 8 week Fast Track Challenge

You may or may not remember my exclusive interview with  Shannan Ponton in September last year. Well, earlier this year, I was asked if I would review the 8 week Fast Track Challenge from the celebrity trainer. I have to be honest I do not watch The Biggest Loser TV show...simply because I do not watch TV at all! (I find the never ending commercials way too irritating...). I know however that there is a lot of controversy around the show. I'm fortunate to not have much weight to lose (although I would love to get rid of 5 kg), but I'm always curious to learn about innovative programs to help people achieve their weight loss goals and to encourage mindful eating and exercise.

The 8 weeks program kicked off on February 4 and includes: 

  • Workout plans created by Shannan for every level, from beginner to advanced exercisers.
  • Daily recipes and Shannan’s favourite meals to keep your diet and nutrition in check.
  • Daily online feedback and motivation from Shannan to keep you going.
  • Weekly video meetings where Shannan offers tips and answer your questions in real time.
  • Support from the Biggest Loser Club 
  • Leader boards to challenge yourself and other members so you can make friends and have fun along the way. 
  • Prizes to celebrate your weight loss and fitness achievements. 
  • Surprise workouts  

How does it work?
It's easy. You simply follow the food and exercise plan Shannan has set out for you. You'll be asked to weigh-in weekly and keep a food diary (but not every day of the week). 

Recipe ideas & balanced menu are available
What sort of exercise do I have to do? 
Walking and toning exercises to supercharge your weight loss. Shannan has also developed 9 special workouts to help redefine your body while you lose weight – the workouts take as little as 5 minutes and videos of them are included online.

Workout video can be viewed online

Mademoiselle Slimalicious' verdict
Access to the 8 week online program costs $149, which is very reasonable considering the number of resources you are given access to. Now, following a virtual weight loss program requires a lot of will-power, determination and motivation: you are accountable only to yourself! Shannan won't come knock at your door to give you a lecture if you haven't reached your weekly goal! (you wish he did, didn't you?!). 

This post is brought to you by The Biggest Loser Club.

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