Lotus Grill® Portable BBQ – Review

Since mid-February, I have not only became a proud home owner but I have also acquired my first BBQ ever! You may have seen it in my Valentine’s Day gift guide, my new Lotus Grill® portable BBQ.

Why is my Lotus Grill® BBQ so special?
Lotus Grill® is designed for cooking without all the fuss and mess of dealing with gas bottles or huge bags of charcoal as required by traditional BBQ’s – making it perfect for small spaces like my balcony! Backed by German design and engineering its built-in battery operates a fan system (that you can control) that pushes air over the charcoals and force them to become very hot, very quickly. The fan operated charcoal grill also ensures a low fat and therefore calorie‐conscious style of cooking. Because of its patented design, excess fat and oil cannot reach the charcoal and burn. Thus, nasty substances are not produced like in conventional charcoal BBQ’s. The LotusGrill® uses a thin metal grill surface ensuring excess fat and oil drips into the removable catching tray. 

What I love about Lotus Grill® 
Time efficient: short ignition time of only 3 – 5 minutes 
Very portable: the carrying bag makes it easy to transport
Compact, it can be used nearly everywhere: balconies, camping, parties, boats 
♥ Dishwasher friendly 
♥ Extremely low consumption of charcoal (eco-friendly and wallet friendly too!)

♥ Safe due to a closed charcoal basket: no risk of injuries
♥ Available in six attractive colours
♥ Winner of the International Design and BBQ innovation awards
♥ Comes with a 2 year Warranty

Honey & Soy Chicken, brown rice and vegetables
For more information visit Lotus Grill

What is your favourite BBQ recipe?

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