Healthivate: Blogger Health and Wellbeing Conference

Some of you may know I attended Healthivate, the blogger health and wellbeing conference, earlier this month in Sydney. A few readers have asked me for feedback so here we go.

Up bright and early on Saturday morning, I made my way to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern. I had never been to this part of town before so it was good to explore a new area. The venue wasn’t far from the train station which makes it convenient for me as I don’t have a car and much prefer to use public transport because they are economical and eco friendly
I arrived right on time for a 8:30 am start and even had time to grab a free skim hot chocolate. The morning was a little emotional as we listened to some guest speakers going through some tough time and I struggled to hold off tears in several occasions. 
My favourite parts of the day 

1. Flash mob: after a very sad session, a few people in the audience started getting up and singing “Oh Happy Day”. Many more guests followed, a mix of men and women, creating a beautiful atmosphere, moving around the room and finishing up on stage. To be fair, it was part of the “SHOW” although we were under the impression at first that it was a pure improvisation (which would have make it even better). The reason I know it was part of the show is that two of the ladies from my table never came back for the rest of the days after that and most men in the audience were gone for the day to. Still it was nice, happy and different.

Flash Mob: “Oh Happy Day”

2. Presentation about “Sex & Health” by Dr Gabrielle Morrisey: the reason I enjoyed this session is because I find SEX is a very taboo topic in Australia. In France, every body talk about sex, every day! It is one of the most common conversation topics, after politics and food! Most people in the room at the conference looked uncomfortable at the beginning of the presentation. It was interesting to learn that women have issues to ‘switch on’ because of their multi-tasking ability. Do you think about the ‘to do list’ when cuddling with Mr Right? I confess, I often do.

3. The last session of the day with Dr Sam Prince (Young Australian of the Year 2012) was to me a highlight. It’s a real shame that 70% of the audience was gone by then! They missed out on the most inspirational story. Dr Sam Prince talk about his life, his background, his achievements as a business entrepreneur and medical professional. 


What I liked

The three items listed above.
♥ The guest speakers: most of them were really good. In addition to Dr Sam Prince and Dr Gabrielle Morrisey, I especially enjoyed listening to Lillian Rodrigues-Pang (story teller), Catherine Saxelby (accredited nutrionist) and Evelyn M. Field (expert on school & workplace bullying). 
♥ Laughing Yoga at lunch time: I didn’t participate (I regret it now) but it looked like fun. An original initiative, I like it!
♥ The goodie bag: filled with organic and gluten free products from the sponsors. I stayed till the end and even got some extras nuts and apples! 

Goodie Bag
Morning tea was a green smoothie from sponsor Vitamix

What I would have liked

Frowning emoticon More networking. Unlike pro-blogger, I personally found that attendees were not particularly in a networking mood. Only a very few people stayed for the drinks at 6 pm (it’s not like it was a week day!). With a price tag of $150 for the day, one should at least enjoy a glass of organic Shiraz! 
Frowning emoticon Two guest speakers were presenting on the phone rather than one stage. These sessions were not interactive and did put me to sleep a little (especially the one right after lunch time). It’s really hard to not loose focus after a while.
Overall, I had a good day and I stayed till the end which allowed me to make the best of my experience at Healthivate.
Have you been to a blogger conference before?

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