New European Recipes Guest Post Series

You all know how much I LOVE travelling but because of the purchase of our apartment in Sydney, I can’t really afford it anymore! Therefore, I have to start travelling from the comfort of my own home in Australia, and what a better way than to do this than through delicious food! 
By now, you probably all know about Europe in a Box, my new venture. I’m very passionate about this project. Bringing the love of all things European to as wide an audience as possible means a lot to me. Europeans or those of European heritage form one of the largest and most influential cultural groups in Australia. Their contribution to food, art, culture, lifestyle, commerce and design is a rich feast that Australians in general have embraced. By showcasing the very best of what is on offer, the contribution to our culture and economy can only grow. 

New European Recipes Guest Post Series

Therefore I’m pleased to announce that a New European Recipes Guest Post Series is about to begin on this space. I’ve published many international recipes on the blog over the last year (30 International recipes I made in 2012) and I will publish another 13 at least in 2013, but I would love to involve more bloggers in the Mademoiselle Slimalicious’ community.   

What is this guest blog series about?

This new “European Recipes” guest blog series is all about discovery: we will meet several talented cooks from various part of the world who will share with us one delicious traditional recipe from their country of origin. This way we will not only learn how to make a new dish but we will also get exposed to a new culture. Each guest blogger will provide us with historical and cultural information about the recipe they’ve chosen to share with us.  
Is there a particular recipe you would like to see featured? 
Do you like the idea of this guest blog series?

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