03 February 2013

February: Moving House and Decluttering!

I have some great news! We bought a place in Sydney! It's been a few weeks already since our offer was accepted and we have been very busy doing all of the paperwork this last couple of weeks, especially because we have agreed to a 4 week settlement period which doesn't leave us much time to arrange finance, various inspections and moving out related activities.

This is our first time ever buying a property and it's a goal we have finally achieved after several years of saving for the deposit. It also crosses off one more item from my "29 before 30" list (I have a few months left to complete the rest of my goals!). I'll tell you more about the new place once we move in (in two weeks!!!).

Why we are moving
Our new place comes right on time because with the launch of my start-up our 1 bedroom apartment (with no balcony) has become way too small! We have accumulated a lot of things in the last three years and have officially run out of storage space...as well as living space! The dining table has became my home office when I started working on Europe in a Box's business plan back in October. Since then it's been covered with folders, papers, camera gear and notebooks. Because of this permanent mess we have to eat on the sofa (which to a French person, resonates like poor eating habits).

My current home office: dining table. 

The office gradually became a storage room!
I'm a very organised person by nature (probably the reason why I work as a project manager) and this mess affects me a lot. So THIS is why we are moving! In addition, the new place is closer to my work and will considerably reduce my travel time. I'm hoping to be able to walk or even run to work :) Let's see...

Feb Clutter Bust
In the meantime, my friend Rachel at Reality Chick (one of my all time favourite blogs!) is hosting a "Feb Clutter Bust" challenge and asked me if I would join her and other bloggers so we can motivate each other to declutter our homes! What great timing this is for me! Before packing for our move, I want to go through the mess and declutter as much as possible. I sell regularly on eBay, especially books and clothes. It's a good way to give a second life to pre-loved items and to make a few dollars. 

I'll post a few photos through Instagram and Twitter to let you know how I go. You are welcome to join us of course, simply use the hashtag #FebClutterBust. 

Do you think the more space we have the more we store?

Does your house need decluttering?

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