Australian Premium Yoghurt (Part 6) – Tamar Valley

I eat yoghurt almost every day. In France, most people have it for dessert and there, we are lucky to have an immense range of delicious yoghurt available.
I started this blog series last year. If you have missed the previous blog entries for this series, you can catch up here:

Last week, I got to taste test Tamar Valley Yoghurt.

About Tamar Valley Yoghurt
Tamar Valley Dairy has an extensive range of yoghurts. Classic, Lite, No Fat and Greek Style have been developed for all types of needs. The company supports local industry, relying on Tasmanian grown produce for ingredients. 
Where is the Tamar Valley?
The Tamar Valley is a picturesque valley in Tasmania. It runs north-west from the northern city of Launceston to the coast either side of the Tamar River, a distance of approximately 50 km.

What I like about Tamar Valley Dairy

Tasmanian owned and operated, family business established in 1996
Extensive range of yoghurts: classic, Lite, No Fat and Greek Style
Flavours include Natural, Apricot, Mango, Strawberry, Mixed Berry & Boysenberry
Greek Style yoghurts are available in a multipack range

♥ No added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
Contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidus and Casei: help to maintain or restore the natural balance in the bowels

For more information visit Tamar Valley’s website


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