My 3 Day Juice Cleanse Experience (Urban Remedy Cleanse Review)

Some of you may have read my Instagram and Twitter updates last month: yes, I did a 3 Day juice-only cleanse a couple of weeks before Christmas! I am very excited to share with you my experience. You know that I love my food so needless to say that I was anxious at the thought of not eating any solid food for 3 days. But hey, 3 days isn’t that long after all! An alternate option to traditional juicing is Isagenix cleansing and detox program. Isagenix is also an all-natural body cleansing system that helps you lose weight, improve sleep, reduce stress and make you feel fantastic!

Here is the detail of my experience!

Why did I do it?
The last 6 months have been really hectic for me (planning our engagement party, looking into wedding stuff, friends visiting from France, planning for Europe in a Box’s launch, full-time corporate work, blogging, trying to lose weight etc.). As I was feeling more and more ran out and overwhelmed in the lead to Christmas, doing a cleanse seemed like a good idea to me. Cleansing can reduce the level of toxins in your body and can assist you to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, maintain your equilibrium, lose weight, get more energy and generally feel and look a lot better.

Will I do it again?
This was a first time for me and I am VERY glad I did it. Yes I will do it again! For sure!

What is Urban Remedy Cleanse?

Urban Remedy is a healthy juice cleansing program designed to detox and renew your body and tailored to suit your lifestyle and diet. It involves replacing all solid foods for 1, 3 or 5 days with a daily series of six super nutritious juices that are delivered directly to you. The cleanse program comes in three different levels, meaning you can choose the cleanse that’s most suited to your goals, lifestyle and diet.
What I loved most about Urban Remedy 3 Day Cleanse
Nutritionally balanced (developed by a nutritionist, the juices are filled with essential vitamins and minerals)
A 3-day cleanse contains the nutrients from over 12kgs of fruits and vegetables
The order and combination of juices is designed to ensure you get adequate carbohydrates, good fats and protein – this is not a diet or fast! 
Super easy and convenient: ready to go pack, the juices come in a cooler bag and are numbered
♥ No need to cook for 3 days!
Delivered directly to your door the day before before you start your cleanse, so you’re ready to go when you wake up on day 1.
Six juices a day are all you need to drink/eat for the duration of the cleanse
No need to worry about what you can and can’t eat
Provides enough energy and nutrients to make sure you can continue to work, play and live as normal
3 Day Cleanse, Level 1
(for inexperienced cleanser, like me!) 

Small challenges I faced

  1. I’ll be honest: vegetable juices have never really been my cup of tea! Drinking cold spinach juice for dinner was definitely not my favourite part of the day, but to be fair the taste was much better than the look! All the juices were actually quite tasty even for a picky eater like me! 
  2. When Mister Slim was cooking his own dinner, the smell coming from the kitchen was close to torture but that was a good test: I challenged myself and resisted the temptations!  
  3. I’m a “label reader” person, and I would have loved to know what was exactly the content of each juice (percentage of each ingredients). I also think it would be valuable to have the nutritional information panel at the back of the bottle. Although the aim of the cleanse is not to loose weight, it is important to me to know how many calories/nutrients I eat each day. 
My least favourite juices – even these still tasted fine!


I lost 0.8 kg in 3 days, and my sugar cravings were gone! (seriously, how amazing is that!). I also felt a real sense of achievement: I stuck to the program the whole time! Several of my work colleagues commented and said they were very impressed with my determination and dedication. I felt proud of myself! 
I did feel a little more tired than usual on Day 1 and Day 2 (I was quite sleepy by 9 pm) but after a good night sleep I was full of energy again. Finally, the moment of the day I felt most hungry was mid-afternoon (around 5 pm), I had no choice but drink my fluoro carrot juice! Well at least it was good for me! 
Have you ever done a juice-only cleanse?
Have you thought of doing a cleanse? What do you think would be the most challenging?


  1. Ivana says

    I was very disappointed with my order from Urban Remedy because the juices were watered down and tasted watery.
    They didn’t state on their website that they added water but on some of my bottles it said water added.
    Considering the price I paid,I wasn’t happy and one drink even said 81 % water.
    If I wanted to drink water,I could buy it for much cheaper.
    I emailed the company and the woman responded that they would give a refund if I returned it to their distribution centre but it had to be shipped with a cold fridge.
    I didn’t return them as I don’t see why the customer should have to pay the return postage for something that was the companies fault.
    They should have put on the website the accurate ingredients-ie water added so people are informed.
    I wouldn’t purchase form Urban Remedy again and don’t recommend for anyone to either.

  2. elaine says

    The thing is, vegetables are 80% water, so when you press them and dispose of their pulp, they are mostly water- there is no water added to Urban Remedy’s juices. That being said, I’m half-way through day 2 of my three day cleanse. I am not sure how I’m feeling yet except for excruciatingly hungry and grumpy and tired. We shall see. Only 1.5 more days to go. I prefer the green juices to the sweet juices as the sweet juices are super sweet. I’m also doing Refresh as it has no added Stevia. I’m also super cold from not eating solid food and not having my body fire up for digestion.

    • says

      Hi Elaine, thank you for sharing about your experience with Urban Remedy. How did you go in the end? Where you happy with it? Did you notice any changes after the cleanse? (i.e skin tone, energy level etc). I am thinking of doing it again soon, but as you rightly said summer might be a more suitable time to do it as we tend to crave warm food in winter.

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