Foreign Cuisine: A Great Source of Inspiration for Our Daily Cooking

Something that I really love about Australia is that it is a multicultural country which offers a very large spectrum of cuisine. Being French, food is of extremely high importance to me, and discovering new horizons through what I eat is for me a way to learn about other cultures.

Over the past 7 years, and especially since living overseas, I have had the chance to try many different types of cuisine. While I am a picky eater, I love to experience new flavours and tastes. My favourite cuisine of course is French, closely followed by Italian. I also love Spanish food (my dad being Spanish, I grew up eating paella at every family reunion!). In France, we also have a large North African population therefore the influence in  our cooking is strong. I love couscous and tagines and was lucky to experience many exotic dishes when living in Morocco in 2005. During my 7 months in Japan, in 2009, I also discovered new flavours, although I confess, I missed Western food a lot while living in Tokyo. Through my travels around Europe and around the world (30+ countries) I was lucky to experience many type of cuisine and it inspires me in a day to day basis, in the kitchen!

My Mum’s paella

Trying out something new: Eastern European Cuisine
The Hungarian cuisine (also called Magyar cuisine) is acclaimed for its wonderful flavours. Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, cheeses and honey. Goulash, stuffed capsicum and schnitzels are only a few of the Hungarian classic! I had never eaten Hungarian cuisine when I lived in Europe. I also recently checked out some Polish restaurants and was again blown away by the diversity of their cuisine. Polish cuisine has evolved over the centuries due to historical circumstances. It shares some similarities with other Central European and Eastern European traditions as well as French and Italian similarities. It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region) and winter vegetables (especially cabbage).
Hungarian Goulash – source: Groupon Australia

Going to European restaurants in Sydney has expanded my horizon and I look forward to sharing some European recipes with you here in the upcoming months!

What is the most exotic food you have ever tried?

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