15 September 2012

No Water in My Skin-Care?! Organic, Fair Trade & Natural: Mokosh Review

I'm a typical women: I love chocolate, romantic comedies and skincare! But like my food, I want my skin care to be of the highest quality available, strictly free of potentially harmful additives. I want it to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

I found a small company called Mokosh, in Western Australia, that does things very differently and I like it! A LOT. Because of their uncompromising commitment to using only natural ingredients, Mokosh products are different to mainstream skincare: they are formulated without water so that preservatives and other additives are not required for their stability.
The lovely team at Mokosh have sent me some lovely travel size products to try and judge for myself. 

Why Mokosh is different

Mokosh skin care was specifically designed to avoid potentially harmful additives and to do so, Mokosh has not followed the traditional route of creating a moisturising cream by mixing oils with water or hydrosol, then adding preservative, emulsifiers, thickeners and a plethora of other synthetic ingredients.

Because Mokosh products don't include water in their ingredients list, this means Mokosh moisturisers are up to 5 times the concentration of standard skin care, which typically contains between 50-80% water! For this reason, when I tried the Mokosh Light Face Cream, I was recommended to only apply as little as one fifth the amount I would normally use. When using on the face, it is also recommended to apply while the skin is moist to aid the spread of the cream or face oil. Alternatively, if I apply it to dry skin, I have to massage a little longer than usual to achieve a thin spread.

My favourite Mokosh products

1. Organic Makeup Remover: a blend of gentle, light, soothing oils formulated to remove all traces of makeup. Simply apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face. It is made of certified organic macadamia oil, certified organic apricot kernel oil, certified organic camellia oil and certified organic rosemary leaf extract. 
Verdict: leaves my skin is clean, soft and hydrated!

2.  Light Face Cream: lightly fragranced with vanilla essential oil which combines beautifully with the coconut and shea butter. This cream is also enriched with marula oil - an African oil with extremely high levels of anti-oxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals.
Verdict: It smells so nice that I want to eat it! This cream brings high nutritional value to the skin.

3. Mokosh face cleanser: also formulated without water, is in the form of a powder, and mixed with water just before use. This method activates ingredients at the time of application, bringing potent enzyme, vitamin and antioxidant activity to your skin.
Verdict: leaves my skin is clean & smooth and creates a healthy glow!
4. Organic cedar wood, rosalina & sweet orange liquid soap: made using a blend of award-winning certified organic olive oil and Fair Trade certified organic coconut oil, to what certified organic essential oils were added in order to create the simplest of soap, with no added colour, clarifying agents, foaming agents or artificial fragrance.  
Verdict: A wonderful hand and/or body soap with an uplifting and invigorating scent.

Why I love Mokosh
Luxurious natural skincare
Preservative Free
Certified Organic
Fair Trade key ingredients
No artificial colours or fragrances, nor synthetic ingredients
Mokosh moisturisers – oils and creams – are at least twice as concentrated, and up to 5 times the concentration of a standard moisturiser. They will last a lot longer than the same volume of a standard moisturiser – two to five times longer!
Recyclable packaging
Neither palm oil nor palm oil-derived ingredients are used for environmental reasons
Mokosh products are safe for children and people with sensitive skins
The business is run by Marion O’Leary, formerly a vet, pathologist, and medical scientist 
♥ Small business located in Fremantle, Western Australia

  For more information, visit Mokosh website

What is your favourite skin care scent?

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