18 March 2012

Insight into a French girl's life - My week in review!

A little bit of my week...

Weight loss goal: Not reached (+0.8 kg)
I went to Zumba only twice this week (normally I go 4 times) - my fault for being lazy!
I'm still happy with what I ate during the week: light dinners on most nights and I've reduced snacking on nuts and cheese.
My weekend was a bit more naughty (Italian dinner and Pinot-Gris on Friday night, a few beers yesterday, hot cross buns for breakfast). 

I'll have to be a lot stricter with myself this week if I want to stay on track to reach my goal. I'm seeing a dietitian on Wednesday (I was selected by the Dietitian Association of Australia to attend a complimentary visit - how exciting). I've never been to one before, I'm really looking forward to it! Hoping to get some more tips to share with you all!
I've been keeping a food diary for the last couple of weeks in preparation.

Blog design: Cancelled
I had a very frustrating week, thinking way to much of a new design for my blog.
I've changed my mind several times and ended up liking better the current design so I decided to not go ahead.

Blog logo: Work in progress
I've starting designing a logo for Mademoiselle Slimalicious. I'm pretty happy with my work so far but hesitating a lot on colour/font. Might need your help my lovely readers to help me chose the final version...keep tuned!

Product I'm reviewing this week

Wagner Probiotica P3
I've been taking this product for the last 3 weeks or so. Probiotica P3 is a blend of powerful, scientifically-researched probiotic (beneficial) bacteria that support your digestive and immune system health.

♥ Each easy-to-swallow, one-a-day capsule contains 20 times the probiotic bacteria of a 150g bottle of standard yoghurt
 Supports a healthy digestive system, improving general intestinal health
 Helps maintain your immune system health 


For more information about Wagner Probiotica P3 visit their website.

Chia Seeds & Chia fudge from Chianergy
The reason I love Chia seeds so much is because just 25 grams per day of chia seeds is enough to receive the right amount of Omega-3 needed to keep a healthy balance - not to mention all the protein, calcium, fibre, iron and other vitamins and minerals chia brings to the table.

Chianergy has also developped a line of chia fudge: a great-tasting snack packed with all the benefits of the amazing chia seed: each 80 gram bar contains over 1 gram of Omega-3.
Unlike most other grains, chia seeds are naturally gluten-free
 Using chia seeds in a weight loss program helps in a number of ways including by slowing down the conversion of carbs to sugars.
For more information on how Chia seeds can assist you with weight loss, visit Chianergy website , they have an entire page dedicated to the topic! You can also purchase your chia seeds directly online or find chia seeds recipes!

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