Swap It Don’t Stop It – Australian campaign to fight Obesity

Every country has their occasional media campaign to tackle obesity.

The cost of obesity is not only a personal one but also a huge drain on the nation’s economy. In 2008 alone, obesity cost Australia a massive $58.2 billion.

Current campaign: Swap It, Don’t Stop It
In March 2011, the Australian Government launched the current Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign – a call to action to all Australians to make healthier lifestyle choices. The multi-media campaign (TV, radio, web, print) highlights the fact that you can lose your belly without losing out on all the things you love.

Previous campaign: Measure Up
The campaign follows on from the Measure Up campaign of 2008. The ‘Swap It’ message is similar to the strategy used by the UK Government in their Change4Life initiative launched in 2009, which included the Great Swapathon.

Campaign name
Campaign Cost
Key messages & Objectives
2008 – 2010
$30 million
Highlight the dangers of excess intra-abdominal fat. 
Swap It, Don’t Stop It

2011- 2013
$41 million
Swapping some food choices for healthier options and looking for opportunities to be physically active doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you enjoy.

‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’ campaign includes a campaign website which features swap suggestions where you can submit your own swap ideas.
I personally like to tweet my suggestions in order for my followers to find some inspiration #swapitdontstopit. Follow me on Twitter

Don’t like
‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’, features Eric, a blue balloon figure who becomes a ‘swapper’ – trading unhealthy habits for better lifestyle choices. I personally don’t really like the design and colours of the campaign but the concept itself is pretty good.
Leave a comment below to suggest your own swap!


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